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Hey my name is Luciana and i'm from Brazil. I'm obsessed with Teen Wolf, Smallville, Chuck, Reignl,True Blood, Vampire Diaries, The Secret Life, Merlin, Arrow, The Tomorrow People. And I love Zac Efron.


Men’s Rights Activists


Men’s Rights Activists

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i’m trying to help my friends…

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Happy 26th Birthday, Rupert Alexander Lloyd Grint ! (24 August 2014)

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Now what I don’t understand is why anyone would want to get massively, falling down drunk in front of an open fire.

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What’s the chick flick you secretly love?
Oh, The Notebook—easy one. My entire baseball team in high school loved that movie.

Harvey and Mike in restaurant in "This is Rome" [1/4]

[100AVENGERS] — part one

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